ethiopia werka natural - light roast

ethiopia werka natural - light roast

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Anyone familiar with the High Tide Coffee roasting program knows that we LOVE our natural-processed African beans. Light, refreshing, with aromatic notes of fresh picked berries.

The natural method of drying coffee with the cherry intact, allows more time for the natural sugars to interact with the bean, bringing out extra fruity and berry notes in the final roast.

We recommend making this one as a pour over or in an AeroPress. 

Bag Size: 12 oz

Region: Werka, Refisa Kebele, Nensebo District, West Arsi, Oromia
Washing Station: Nensebo (Testi Washing Station)
Roast: Light
Altitude: 1950-2100 meters
Cupping Notes: Strawberry, yogurt, blackberry, cocoa nibs, honied sweetness, milky body. Amazing complexity and excellent fermentation.