guatemala organic - medium roast

guatemala organic - medium roast

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Smooth, rich, with a beautiful chocolate forward flavor. This is our current medium roast coffee selection in both of our cafes. Excellent at home as drip, pourover or espresso.

About the Farm:
Born and raised amidst coffee plantations and a parchment warehouse at home, Max Pérez always had the idea of starting a coffee business himself. In 2010, the opportunity came up. The time to “make the coffee dreams come true” arrived with a lot of family effort and a clear idea in mind: develop a specialty coffee farm that would blend tradition and innovation to supply its customers with amazing coffees, while having a positive impact in the society.

The farm is divided into thirteen plots in full production, each of the coffees are carefully hand picked and processed following the best practices for the washed, natural, and honey methods.

Bag Size: 12 oz

Region: Los Planes, Acatenango, Chimaltenango
Farm: La Hermosa
Roast: Medium
Altitude: : 1800-2200 m.a.s.l.
Cupping Notes: Lots of chocolate, great sweetness, mild citrus acidity, medium body, dark fruit undertones, clean finish